Master Carver

Nyoman (Komang) Parwata:
aka "King Kong".... aka "Crazy Komang".... 
aka "the Professor"... aka "Rambo"  

Komang is a master carver and head manager of our production line in Indonesia. A born leader and visionary, Komang always keeps the spirits high and is looked up to by everyone he works with, including us.  He is the founder of a work study program in his village that brings in underprivileged youth to learn the art and career of traditional carving.   Driven by his unique charisma and love for life, this is the man behind the scenes, who has changed so many peoples lives for the better and helped shape Coco Loco Jewelry into what it is today.  Komang, who is 50 years old, has been carving since he was 9 and has been working with Coco Loco Jewelry for over ten years.  He has lived in Indonesia his entire life and is happily married with three beautiful children. 
We Love You Komang!

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