Wayan Yasana

Yasana, with his steady hands and attention to detail, is the type of carver who has the ability to cross bridges between different types of materials.  Whether wood, coconut, bone or horn, his quality of work is consistent and accurate.  Yasana's steady hands bring you gorgeous designs such as the Sankofa Wings and Yansu Swirls.  He is 32 years old and married to Putu Sriani, who is currently also working with Coco Loco.  Putu has been working with us for one year, helping us with design layout, packaging and inventory control.  Coco Loco is a family business, in the USA and abroad.  It is our joy and great honor to continue supporting the families that support us.  Thank you Yasana and Putu for being a part of the Coco Loco family.

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