Faux Gauges

Sold Out <span>EFH-001 Tat #01 Coral<span>: </span></span>Coral Eclipse Spirals - Horn
<span>EFH-001 Tat #32<span>: </span></span>Red Coral Spirals - Horn
Sold Out <span>EFH-001 Tat #48<span>: </span></span>Tiki Spirals - Horn
<span>EFH-001<span>: </span></span>Spirals - Horn
<span>EFH-005<span>: </span></span>Elephant Spirals - Horn
<span>EFH-100<span>: </span></span>Bat Wings - Horn
Sale <span>EFH-1020<span>: </span></span>Shanti Hooks - Horn
<span>EFH-102<span>: </span></span>Dragon Drops - Horn
<span>EFH-107<span>: </span></span>Kalisi Dragons - Horn
<span>EFH-108<span>: </span></span>Argon Dragons - Horn
<span>EFH-109<span>: </span></span>Silver Tipped Dragons - Horn
<span>EFH-110<span>: </span></span>The Seahorses - Horn
<span>EFH-111<span>: </span></span>Moon Drops - Horn
<span>EFH-115<span>: </span></span>Cottonmouth Curls - Horn
<span>EFH-126<span>: </span></span>Drago Drops - Horn
<span>EFH-139<span>: </span></span>Amber Phoenix - Horn
<span>EFH-140<span>: </span></span>Phoenix Stardust - Horn
<span>EFH-142<span>: </span></span>Black Quetzal - Horn
<span>EFH-148<span>: </span></span>Spiral Tails - Horn
<span>EFH-320<span>: </span></span>Leaf Tip Curls - Horn
<span>EFH-327<span>: </span></span>Mariposa Wings - Horn
<span>EFH-374<span>: </span></span>Serpent Curls - Horn
<span>EFH-394<span>: </span></span>Yaldah Short Curls - Horn
<span>EFH-827<span>: </span></span>Forest Wings - Horn
<span>EFH-829<span>: </span></span>Naori Hooks - Horn
<span>EFH-852<span>: </span></span>Asalah Twists - Horn
<span>EFH-852<span>: </span></span>Asalah Twists - Horn
<span>EFH-866<span>: </span></span>Headdress Feathers - Horn
<span>EFH-875<span>: </span></span>Curved Hooks - Horn
<span>EFH-881<span>: </span></span>Twists - Horn
Sale <span>EFH-895<span>: </span></span>Sekani Edges - Horn
<span>EFH-910<span>: </span></span>Inner Tulips - Horn
<span>EFH-980<span>: </span></span>Nahlia Curls - Horn
<span>EFH-991<span>: </span></span>Infinity Twists - Horn
<span>EFHA-341<span>: </span></span>Sankofa Swans - Horn with Abalone
<span>EFHA-834<span>: </span></span>Yafah Wings - Horn with Abalone
<span>EFHS-277<span>: </span></span>Ambrosia Flowers - Horn with Shell
<span>EFHS-341<span>: </span></span>Sankofa Swans - Horn with Shell

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